Thursday, 20 December 2012

End Of The World 2012 Blog Post!

So it's 19:58 on 20/12/2012 right now and I just wanted to make this post to just send out a message to anyone reading this. If you are reading this then , leave a comment or send a message and say which time zone and country your living in. If its 21st of December or later now then the world has not ended and there is hope! (not like I believe the world is going to end) 

But if it does! (99.99% unlikely) this post would have been solely created as last post to say
Thank You!
For all the support and followings that I receive from all of you guys.

Since we are sort of celebrating the fact that the world is not going to end before it has ended even though it could end which it won't.

For the occasion, Comment:

"I'm Alive!" 

If everything around you is being destroyed then you should consider to tweet me as I wouldn't be using a computer when the whole world is getting teared apart but I will most likely use my mobile :)


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Worst Things About A New Year!

In this post, I will be discussing with you guys on the worse things about the new year, everyone gets hooked upon the celebrations and the crazy party mood on new years eve, but forget the fact that in a few hours the new year hits and it hits with life affecting scenarios, here is what I mean:

The Months Begin Again- 'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life!' Well so is the countdown of the months again. Everyone has different months in which they love more then others. Do you prefer summer or winter months? 

But the idea of the months beginning again after new years eve, just seems to act as depressing reality. It could be also because you are waiting for something in the future to occur which causes you to be down, because you just cant wait another second for that  something in mind! :)

Hope For A New Year- Have you just lost all hope and commitment in this year and you just wish it would be better next year. There is always hope. 

Although this year has disappointed you it does not mean that the rest of the years will. People always say:
'Hope next year is not as bad as this one!'
'This year is the worse! There is nothing good about this year!' 

Well everyone  at some point, especially at new years, have thought long and hard about how they found the year, and not everyone is completely always satisfied. There must be beautful moments that existed, aswell as bad. Always hope for the future even though those negative thoughts come to mind.


New Years Resolution Pressure- Not everyone sets a new years resolution and the people that do never actually stick to it. Think about yours (If you have created one for yourself) it may be something you always wanted to do but never completely had the chance or time. 
Or it may be something short term or even most likely long term. Well the annoying thing is, is that people set quite difficult new years resolutions. Not impossible! but difficult. For example, quitting smoking, traveling the world more. 

These resolutions seem to motivate the person for a short while and then there mind eventually gives in to the thought of:
 'I'm never going to be able to accomplish this, it's too hard, what's the point'

That is why a new years resolution is bad for a new start of the year as most people don't achieve their resolutions and get dissapointed.

Comment below, if you have new years resolutions? I would love to hear them! 

Life Position- So where is your life actually going at this stage? god I hate that thought. Depending on your age of you reading this, you might have different perspectives of what you want out of your life at this moment in time.  

It's probably this point, in which is the worse about new years solely because those 365 days a year have gone within a blink of an eye and there will always be unanswered questions about the future of your life. My best advice would be to live every moment as you truly don't know when the end is near. 

Don't take a lot of things for granted as there is someone out there that has it worse. If you are reading this, you are having access to surf the internet and you have learnt the ability to read. Not everyone can do these things and have access to technology.

You Are Getting Older- So I mentioned life position,resolutions and time. Well back to time. Everyone seems to only realise how old they are and how fast their aging through new years, I mean it's like new years eve just opens their whole mind and perspective to their current situation and problems. You must not do this. 
'Age is just a number' I actually don't really like that saying because age is also a word ;)

But we can all see how it's true. No matter how old you are, you can always have fun and never get into a mind thought of:

'I can't do this because it's only for them...' or
'I'm too old to be doing these things'

Whatever you think is old, that is what is old for you. But never think you are seperated because of your age. Act immature but be smart, stay active but be healthy. It's true that you are getting older but so is everyone else.

Right this moment is the youngest you will ever be and the oldest you have ever been.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Best Things About Turning 18!

If you are eighteen or above already you might be aware about the best things about turning that age. But I'm going to try to mention the most best points about turning eighteen. There might me more then you think...

Treated as an adult- This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depends how you would perceive you personal situation. When you turn eighteen you are officially an adult, meaning your responsibilities,actions and choices solely depend on you now. 

You gain more respect from others and younger people will admire you. But if the thought of that worries you (which it might do) then turning eighteen is scary!

Education is done- Usually in most countries, eighteen is the age where a person receives their main qualifications and then later decides if they wish to continue studying or go straight into employment. But the fact of the matter is that education is completed, the rest is optional.

 The feeling of choice hits you, it might feel good, it might not, once again it depends. But a lot of people did not enjoy education (neither did i). I always saw the majority of education a waste of time. 

Think about this, the younger you are the stronger,happier,healthier your body is, but during that young period of time of ours, we have to sit in a classroom. When I think about this, it frustrates me because I know nothing would really change. A quarter of our lives I would say is lost in education. Not all of education is bad. You know what I'm talking about. What do you think about this?


Vote- Yes! you now have the right to vote. Voting for TV shows, presidents, prizes. This links to the point of being treated as an adult. 

Choices have arrived. This is a very powerful one and links to many forms of voting. It is probably one of the best ones of the list because it would create the most impact to anything once you vote.

Standard Wage For Adult- If you are lucky enough to find a job in this complicated economy and unemployment rates once your at least eighteen, then you will be paid the same as others in the same job role as you. 

This is a good feeling and gives a great satisfaction once you earned money from what you worked. You step into the real world of earning money for a living.

Gambling- Speaking of earning money, once your eighteen you can also enter casinos. Gambling is the most money made industry ( I said this before). Gambling can not necessarily mean earning money, majority of the time is wasting. But is all for fun

If you can control yourself. When I turned eighteen I remember I hit the nearest casino as fast as I could. I won then lost, then won, then lost. Fun but deadly.

Sex Shops/Pornography Sites/Strip Clubs- This is a very sexual factor of turning eighteen but yes you can visit all these things legally. You might me thinking 'I doubt I want to go into a sex shop, that's embarrassing!' well yes that might be true but its the point I'm trying to make, all of these things are now legal. But it doesn't stop people below eighteen in visiting these.

Films- What I mean by films is actually going to see a film at a cinema/theater and not hearing the phrase 'Do you have any identification'. This will mostly be asked if your trying to see a film that has 18 certificate . So when you turn eighteen, you wouldn't have that problem unless they still think that you don't look eighteen, then in which case you are going to have to provide ID. 

Buying Alcohol- This may not be the same for every store or every country or region because laws are different. But the freedom of buying a bottle of beer when you turn eighteen is indescribable. There is no longer a need to constantly hear from people that you are 'too young to drink'. Because now you wouldn't be, depending on law and area of course.

Going Clubbing- Time to party hard at a club! that's right! when you reach eighteen you can officially go clubbing with friends or family and meet some new people. 

And while your there you can get a drink (previous point) don't forget and celebrate the fact that you can go clubbing and of course turning eighteen!

Your Parents Are Not Beside You- Although you can still be living with your parents at that age and be around them a lot. A majority of parents will stop helping you out and convince you to make your own decisions. 

I mean, like I said before you are now an adult so don't expect to not be treated as one. Again this may be or good or a bad thing about turning eighteen but the majority of the cases is that eighteen year olds just want to get away from their parents as soon as possible.

Buying/Selling/Owning Things- You can buy a house by yourself and buy any thing online if you have a credit card. You can also sell anything online
The owning part fits in with all of these things you can do. The freedom begins to exist and the control of your life is now more in control.
As you can see that most of these things link to main things like responisblity, money and satisfaction. There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages of being eighteen or turning eighteen. But it is how you perceive the factors is what makes them good or bad. When you hit that age you literally enter a new world, full of new opportunities as well as challenges.

Check Out More Specific Points You Can Do Once You Turn Eighteen Here:

If You Are Eighteen, How Did You Celebrate Your Eighteenth Birthday?

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 5 Most Followed Celebrities On Twitter 2012!

Twitter is definitely one of the most popular social networking sites out there and is one of my favorites. It's very user friendly with great results and interactivity with other people. It hardly ever has any technical errors on the site and of course is unique. Only on the internet it would make sense to follow someone. My Twitter.

It's not just us (normal citizens) that enjoy and use twitter. Celebrities love it too! It's a great a place to immediately communicate with fans or admirers! Let's look at the top 5 list of the most followed celebrities on twitter. It wasn't until I found out celebrities twitter followers stats that I realised how many celebrities actually have twitter accounts!

Top 5 List As Of The Date Of This Published Post!

Lady Gaga Twitter (@ladygaga)


136,946 following

2,489 tweets

Yes, Lada Gaga is has the most followed account on twitter. The crazy dressed pop star that shares her art and inspirations through her talent in singing and songwriting. Are you a monster?
Justin Bieber Twitter (@justinbieber)
122,383 following
19,930 tweets
Bieber scores second place. A young pop star that was discovered on Youtube and loves his fans. Check out my post on Top 5 Most Popular Youtube Channels 2012! People are catching the bieber fever.
Katy Perry Twitter (@katyperry)


117 following

4,470 tweets

A talented american female pop star that inspires people who listen to her music to achieve their full potential. She is quite known for her cheeky fashion statement in her life and in her catchy songs.

Rihanna Twitter (@rihanna)
889 following
7,103 tweets
The stunning pop singer rihanna from barbados
Rihanna turned to singing as a release from her troubles at home. She produces songs that fans believe have meaning and purpose.

Barack Obama Twitter (@BarackObama)


669,514 following

8,112 tweets

The president of the United States Of America. The first male African American  president. He graduated from Columbia University and received his law degree from Harvard Law School.

So there you go! It seems that the pop stars are killing it on twitter and have the most followers, present Obama comes at number five. We got to love Obama for being able to create a twitter account and communicate with fellow citizens out there. 
The most twitter followers list will most likely quite quickly change because all the people mentioned in this list get over 10,000 daily followers, so anything can happen. But that was the list. What do you think?

Have any of you ever received a tweet from any famous celebrities?

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Top 4 Myths Of Being Rich And Famous!

Being rich and famous is surely anyone's dream. It is actually quite a lot of peoples reality. Depending on what your definition of rich is, in this articles case having millions of dollars and several houses around the world. I did a post before about the richest people in world.

There is a lot of things people bypass when thinking of being rich. This is the same with being famous and well recognized, not everything is quite what people believe to be, in other words myths!

1) Perfect Lives- When someone is either rich or famous, everyone thinks that their lives are perfect and that they don't have no problems, this is not the case.  

Sometimes some peoples lives  have gotten worse because of that. Famous people still experience daily problems and challenges, we are all human beings and no one is perfect. For example, most lottery winners admit that they prefered their lives before they won. 

This is because they have so much money and they don't know what to do with it. They end up having no excitement in their life because they can buy anything they want. Then they eventually become alcholics, drug addicts and even become severely depressed.  

The old saying goes that 'money doesn't buy happiness'. I would like to think of it as 'money doesn't buy happiness in the long term'

2) Full Control Of Life- Most people think that anyone who is rich and famous has a lot of control in their life, In terms of what they do,where they go, etc. Because people believe that those people have a high level of authority of themselves because of their wealth. 
Well if you have the chance to interview a famous celebrity that you know, or have seen a interview with the celebrity and  'Hobbies,Spare Time or Traveling' were one of the topics mentioned then 90% of celebs always say things like

'Oh.. I haven't really been having any spare time because of all the filming and press that has being going on' 

'I have a lot of hobbies but I don't really have the chance to do them because everywhere I go, I get noticed...'

'Traveling is one of my favorite things to ever do , I mean if I'm not working then I would definitely travel on holiday a lot. I travel to several places for interviews but I never have the time to actually enjoy the place I'm at.'

These are the sort of things I seem to hear when these sort of topics come up at an interview with a celebrity.

The point is, most famous people have others around them that control there day to day schedule and tell them what to do or where to go, very often do they have a lot of free time and control of their days. 

The questions you really got to ask yourself is , once someones famous, can they really go back to being normal and living a normal life?     

3) Everybody Likes You- Remember how I said that nobody is perfect well this fits well with this point. Not a single human can make everyone like them. 

Sure people have a lot of support and friends when their famous but not everyone. Other times when someone becomes rich they become arrogant and leave their so described 'poorer friends' 

When someone is rich and famous, there will be people that would try to bring them down. So called 'Haters' . Here is another good example, think of a youtube video that has over 100,000 views and no dislikes.

Impossible for something like that to exist right? There is always going to be people that will dislike you, hate you and bring you down but life would be to easy if there were no drawbacks.

4) The Rest Is Easy- 'I'm rich!, my life is easy and complete!' WRONG. The moment someone becomes rich and famous they DO NOT experience all of the factors I mentioned above in this post. 

A rich persons wealth is sorted, but is it? Did you know for example 78% of NFL Players go bankrupt within 2 years of their retirement and 60% of NBA players within 5 years

Just because someone has money in one moment in time, doesn't mean they will have money later on. The rest is not easy. In most cases if there is no plan the rest is harder as sustainability within constant wealth can be impossible.

Just like a business, think of how many businesses fail within three years of launch and how much successful businesses constantly change their products or services to sustain success. The rest is not always easy, the rest is always a mystery.

What Did You Think Of This Post, Leave A Comment! :)

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