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My Beer Buddies will be mentioned on this page with a huge thank you. Even if you are just a new reader or actually been reading my posts since the start,  I will have no problem mentioning your name in the thank you list.

Those that like and appreciate the posts on this blog can buy me a beer as a thank you, then I will thank you too! 

The Beers are run and managed through the secure site PayPal. If you never heard of it and don't have an account, you can still donate with your credit or debit card without signing up to PayPal. When buying beer you will be asked for your name and website URL, this details will be used for the thank you list, unless if you would like the purchase to be anonymous then leave that section blank.

Click Here Or The Image Below To Buy Me A Beer!

Just like to say a huge thank you to all the support and followers and people that read my posts. Thank You So Much! Entertainment Browsers ;)

Any problems, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank You List! My Beer Buddies!
Beer Buddy 1#- Rodney Brito, USA
Beer Buddy 2#- Silvia Liu , USA 


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