Saturday, 10 March 2012

PS3 Manual Review, Should You Buy It?

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering if that cool looking persuasive product website called is reliable and safe to purchase from? In this review i will cover all of the facts you need to know about PS3 Manual and share my experienced honest opinions and knowledge about the matter.
    1. What is PS3 Manual? 
    2. Is it a scam?
    3. Is it affordable/worth to purchase?
    4. Do you have to become some sort of member or sign up for the website?
    5. Could I get a refund if im not satisfied or if my problem wasn't solved?

    1) What is PS3 Manual?
    Ok, PS3 Manual is a guide created that claim it will "Permanently fix your ps3 red screen,red light of death,yellow light of death and a range of other problems in just one hour or your money back- guaranteed!"

    2) Is it a scam?
    Actually there are a few ways to identify if an online product is a scam, its the refund rate and accessibilty  tests by other websites. All of which I have Identified. The refund rate for PS3 Manual is 1.42% which is really low and tells us that the product is very unlikely to be a scam because it is unlikely that someone will return the product when they purchase it, if were a scam then this figure would be hugely greater because people would want returns. The low refund rate figure makes it extremely likely its a great product that lives up to its claims. The accessibilty checked by only found 2 accessibility errors which is only a link error/typo but nothing to be worried about, all websites have these such as Amazon,Ebay.

    3) Is it affordable/worth to purchase?
    There are thousands of people like you that are having the PS3 problems that you are experiencing thats why PS3 Manual has a large collection of verifiable testimonials from satisfied users submitted on their website.Reading these testimonials is frequently a great way of evaluating whether the product meets your needs. PS3 Manual covers all of the popular problems for the PS3 and states the errors it fixes. Now the price, the PS3 Manual guide is $37 for a limited time, visit the website when you can to see if the price has changed. $37 in my opinion is not a lot of money to fix a $350-$450 PS3 system and plus if you haven't already, contacted Sony to try and fix it all they do is ask for you to send the PS3 to them to fix it for you for around $200-$300! I mean now thats a lot of money to fix a PS3 system including up to a 6 week waiting period for your PS3 to return from Sony. Its just not worth it with Sony's prices when you can nearly purchase a new PS3 system with that much. Thats why PS3 Manual is so great, its so affordable and you will be repairing your PS3 yourself following the PS3 Manual detailed instructions, also there is no need for expensive fancy equipment as all you need  is a toothpaste, computer, internet connection and a common screw driver, its definitely worth it.

     4) Do you have to become some sort of member or sign up for the website?
    You actually become a member when you purchase one of their guides, members also are granted access to a special forum where they discuss PS3 problems with the professionals and members will have 24/7 and Life Time support so if problems for your PS3 do occur again and you are already a member then you will get support from them to prevent you from spending extra cash.

    5) Could I get a refund if im not satisfied or if my problem wasn't solved?
    Yes! Payments for this item are processed via Clickbank, a trusted online transactional website just like Amazon. offer a "60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, you simply cant lose!" and thats true you cant lose. If your not happy or your problem for some reason is not solved, you can ask for a refund the same day.

    Overall I've already stated all of the major questions that customers ask when wanting to buy this product. Before making that ultimate purchasing decision, identify what exact problem you have with your PS3 system and look if PS3 Manual have a fix for it, it is very likely they do.They cover lots of major and minor problems that can occur on your PS3. So, I would strongly suggest you consider purchasing the PS3 Manual or tell your friends about it, if they are experiencing problems with their PS3. Send your friends to this review and tell them about it. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope I helped you about the PS3 Manual and you are excited to purchase it. Here is the link for the last time to purchase the PS3 Manual. What are you waiting for!

    Review Video Of Product: 

    Did you fix your ps3 with the ps3 manual?

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