Thursday, 13 December 2012

Best Things About Turning 18!

If you are eighteen or above already you might be aware about the best things about turning that age. But I'm going to try to mention the most best points about turning eighteen. There might me more then you think...

Treated as an adult- This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depends how you would perceive you personal situation. When you turn eighteen you are officially an adult, meaning your responsibilities,actions and choices solely depend on you now. 

You gain more respect from others and younger people will admire you. But if the thought of that worries you (which it might do) then turning eighteen is scary!

Education is done- Usually in most countries, eighteen is the age where a person receives their main qualifications and then later decides if they wish to continue studying or go straight into employment. But the fact of the matter is that education is completed, the rest is optional.

 The feeling of choice hits you, it might feel good, it might not, once again it depends. But a lot of people did not enjoy education (neither did i). I always saw the majority of education a waste of time. 

Think about this, the younger you are the stronger,happier,healthier your body is, but during that young period of time of ours, we have to sit in a classroom. When I think about this, it frustrates me because I know nothing would really change. A quarter of our lives I would say is lost in education. Not all of education is bad. You know what I'm talking about. What do you think about this?


Vote- Yes! you now have the right to vote. Voting for TV shows, presidents, prizes. This links to the point of being treated as an adult. 

Choices have arrived. This is a very powerful one and links to many forms of voting. It is probably one of the best ones of the list because it would create the most impact to anything once you vote.

Standard Wage For Adult- If you are lucky enough to find a job in this complicated economy and unemployment rates once your at least eighteen, then you will be paid the same as others in the same job role as you. 

This is a good feeling and gives a great satisfaction once you earned money from what you worked. You step into the real world of earning money for a living.

Gambling- Speaking of earning money, once your eighteen you can also enter casinos. Gambling is the most money made industry ( I said this before). Gambling can not necessarily mean earning money, majority of the time is wasting. But is all for fun

If you can control yourself. When I turned eighteen I remember I hit the nearest casino as fast as I could. I won then lost, then won, then lost. Fun but deadly.

Sex Shops/Pornography Sites/Strip Clubs- This is a very sexual factor of turning eighteen but yes you can visit all these things legally. You might me thinking 'I doubt I want to go into a sex shop, that's embarrassing!' well yes that might be true but its the point I'm trying to make, all of these things are now legal. But it doesn't stop people below eighteen in visiting these.

Films- What I mean by films is actually going to see a film at a cinema/theater and not hearing the phrase 'Do you have any identification'. This will mostly be asked if your trying to see a film that has 18 certificate . So when you turn eighteen, you wouldn't have that problem unless they still think that you don't look eighteen, then in which case you are going to have to provide ID. 

Buying Alcohol- This may not be the same for every store or every country or region because laws are different. But the freedom of buying a bottle of beer when you turn eighteen is indescribable. There is no longer a need to constantly hear from people that you are 'too young to drink'. Because now you wouldn't be, depending on law and area of course.

Going Clubbing- Time to party hard at a club! that's right! when you reach eighteen you can officially go clubbing with friends or family and meet some new people. 

And while your there you can get a drink (previous point) don't forget and celebrate the fact that you can go clubbing and of course turning eighteen!

Your Parents Are Not Beside You- Although you can still be living with your parents at that age and be around them a lot. A majority of parents will stop helping you out and convince you to make your own decisions. 

I mean, like I said before you are now an adult so don't expect to not be treated as one. Again this may be or good or a bad thing about turning eighteen but the majority of the cases is that eighteen year olds just want to get away from their parents as soon as possible.

Buying/Selling/Owning Things- You can buy a house by yourself and buy any thing online if you have a credit card. You can also sell anything online
The owning part fits in with all of these things you can do. The freedom begins to exist and the control of your life is now more in control.
As you can see that most of these things link to main things like responisblity, money and satisfaction. There are always going to be advantages and disadvantages of being eighteen or turning eighteen. But it is how you perceive the factors is what makes them good or bad. When you hit that age you literally enter a new world, full of new opportunities as well as challenges.

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