Sunday, 11 March 2012

Top 10 Things NOT to do on Facebook!

Now that we are surrounded with social networking sites, Facebook being one of the most popular. There are things you should know that you should NEVER do and I guarantee you that you've done one of these before, so please for your own social sake, don't. If you know someone that's doing one of these things send them to this blog to stop them!

1) Create a status aimed at one specific person just to express your emotion- OK we understand that someone or something has made you upset or angry but you don't have to target one person across Facebook, when others read your status they would get confused and probably wonder if its about them and start questioning or judging you especially the ones your really close with.

 I mean, haven't you ever scrolled through your news feed and saw a status that was like "Why did you have to be like that" or "Who do you think you are" and then notice that like 3 people comment and say "Is that status about me?" and the writer says "No, don't worry" please don't make those kind of statuses, keep those feelings about that one person to yourself especially if its a bad status. Not making these Statuses will probably even prevent arguments with friends about who the status is about.

Adding people you don't even know- Alright I got to admit I have done this in the past, to friends of friends that are good looking. But In the end they ignore you,don't talk or don't even accept your friend request so I will recommend not to do this, to save you the time and hassle of getting to know someone that doesn't want to get to know you. 

Sure, most people accept friend requests and then ask why you added them later but...really? just add people you know well. Don't be one of those people that has like 2000+ friends but only really knows 300 of them, celebrities are an exception, ha.

3) Uploading and then writing a caption on a photo saying you look awful-
This one is mostly aimed to the ladies out there but men might do it too..if you know what I mean. Ladies we all know why you are doing this, so you can receive nice comments from your friends saying "No you don't! you look beautiful!" 
First of all why would you upload a photo of yourself and then say you look awful, no one in their right normal mind will do that to themselves. It's so obvious your doing it for the nice comments, if you receive any...dont beg.

4) Using your Facebook mail instead of your regular e-mail-
Are you serious? Do you realise you need to enter your regular e-mail to sign in into Facebook. A WASTE of time. Use your regular email for important serious stuff,notices and use your Facebook mail for group chats or quick convos. You know what I mean.

5) Using hash-tags on Facebook instead of Twitter-
Excuse me? I think your on the wrong site or are you just such a social media addict that your so used to using hash-tags you don't realise. 

Its so annoying being on Facebook and seeing a hash-tag in a status, keep that for Twitter! It doesn't have the same effect for Facebook. I'm sure you've seen someone do this before, bit stupid don't you think?

6) Creating fake profiles to get likes on your profile picture- This one is not hugely popular but the problem is... how can someone tell? 

Have you ever looked at the likes on someones profile picture and noticed some hot girls or guys that liked it and then when you clicked on their profile its all private and secured fully or has no recent wall posts what so ever. 

It is quite likely its a fake profile created by the person in which got the likes. A simple Google image and BANG! someone has created a fake profile. Do not do this, it makes people think that Likes on Facebook seem like the most meaningful thing in the world to you.

7) Writing on someones wall instead of messaging them privately-
Now this one is really popular, most people do this because they think its quicker to write on someones wall instead of messaging them, and I'm sure it is by like 5 seconds. 

What is the actual point of writing a paragraph on someones wall when the only two people that will probably understand what your writing about is you and the person your writing to. But EVERYONE can see your post especially now with the new Facebook layout and the extra little news-feed on the right of the homepage. 

What's even worse is that you get people writing personal important things to each other that lots of people can see and then probably use that information to their advantage. You just have to keep certain things private you know...

8) Constantly making meaningless statuses as much as you can-
Let me ask you something, how many times have you seen a status like this "In bed". "Eating". "Going out". "Bored". Its OK to make these once in a while but not constantly! People would think you have no personality and probably don't have an interesting life.

9) Posting your BBM pin or phone number in a status-
Tonnes of people do this, they just want as much contacts on the their mobile as possible so when they go out they have something to do...typing on their mobile keyboard 24/7. 

I hate walking around in public and noticing people just typing away on their mobile and not even looking where there going. Or even worse when your actually having a conversation to someone and their on the phone type chatting to someone else, that is mother fricking annoying.

10) Uploading drunken photos from a party the morning after-
If your going to go out to a mental party and get completely hungover don't upload drunken photos of you and your friends doing stupid things. You never know who will see those photos... you might give yourself a bad reputation say with your... boss? parents? don't get yourself in trouble now ha.

Comment if you noticed people do these, share them I would love to hear your stories.

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mrinal saha said...

i have some others things that are too annoying for anyone ...

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