Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Top 4 Myths Of Being Rich And Famous!

Being rich and famous is surely anyone's dream. It is actually quite a lot of peoples reality. Depending on what your definition of rich is, in this articles case having millions of dollars and several houses around the world. I did a post before about the richest people in world.

There is a lot of things people bypass when thinking of being rich. This is the same with being famous and well recognized, not everything is quite what people believe to be, in other words myths!

1) Perfect Lives- When someone is either rich or famous, everyone thinks that their lives are perfect and that they don't have no problems, this is not the case.  

Sometimes some peoples lives  have gotten worse because of that. Famous people still experience daily problems and challenges, we are all human beings and no one is perfect. For example, most lottery winners admit that they prefered their lives before they won. 

This is because they have so much money and they don't know what to do with it. They end up having no excitement in their life because they can buy anything they want. Then they eventually become alcholics, drug addicts and even become severely depressed.  

The old saying goes that 'money doesn't buy happiness'. I would like to think of it as 'money doesn't buy happiness in the long term'

2) Full Control Of Life- Most people think that anyone who is rich and famous has a lot of control in their life, In terms of what they do,where they go, etc. Because people believe that those people have a high level of authority of themselves because of their wealth. 
Well if you have the chance to interview a famous celebrity that you know, or have seen a interview with the celebrity and  'Hobbies,Spare Time or Traveling' were one of the topics mentioned then 90% of celebs always say things like

'Oh.. I haven't really been having any spare time because of all the filming and press that has being going on' 

'I have a lot of hobbies but I don't really have the chance to do them because everywhere I go, I get noticed...'

'Traveling is one of my favorite things to ever do , I mean if I'm not working then I would definitely travel on holiday a lot. I travel to several places for interviews but I never have the time to actually enjoy the place I'm at.'

These are the sort of things I seem to hear when these sort of topics come up at an interview with a celebrity.

The point is, most famous people have others around them that control there day to day schedule and tell them what to do or where to go, very often do they have a lot of free time and control of their days. 

The questions you really got to ask yourself is , once someones famous, can they really go back to being normal and living a normal life?     

3) Everybody Likes You- Remember how I said that nobody is perfect well this fits well with this point. Not a single human can make everyone like them. 

Sure people have a lot of support and friends when their famous but not everyone. Other times when someone becomes rich they become arrogant and leave their so described 'poorer friends' 

When someone is rich and famous, there will be people that would try to bring them down. So called 'Haters' . Here is another good example, think of a youtube video that has over 100,000 views and no dislikes.

Impossible for something like that to exist right? There is always going to be people that will dislike you, hate you and bring you down but life would be to easy if there were no drawbacks.

4) The Rest Is Easy- 'I'm rich!, my life is easy and complete!' WRONG. The moment someone becomes rich and famous they DO NOT experience all of the factors I mentioned above in this post. 

A rich persons wealth is sorted, but is it? Did you know for example 78% of NFL Players go bankrupt within 2 years of their retirement and 60% of NBA players within 5 years

Just because someone has money in one moment in time, doesn't mean they will have money later on. The rest is not easy. In most cases if there is no plan the rest is harder as sustainability within constant wealth can be impossible.

Just like a business, think of how many businesses fail within three years of launch and how much successful businesses constantly change their products or services to sustain success. The rest is not always easy, the rest is always a mystery.

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