Saturday, 17 March 2012

Top 5 Most Popular Youtube Channels 2012!

Lots of people love surfing through Youtube and watching videos they love.Youtube virtually has everything about anything uploaded so you will find what you want on Youtube,but I'm going to talk to you about the most popular Youtubers out there right now based on the number of subscribers they have. 

Youtube is expanding so fast and so many famous faces have been discovered on YouTube. It is a strong site to express your talent, opinion or news. 

Most popular viral videos on the internet are born on YouTube and spread through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter throughout the world in seconds. Top 10 Things NOT To Do On Facebook! 

Take a look at the most popular Youtube channels and check out enjoy their amazing videos! 
Top 5 As Of December 2012. 

1) RayWilliamJohnson6,456,711 subscribers, 346 videos, 2.11 billion video views, 407.6 million channel views. This youtuber releases a video twice a week and what he does is review funny viral videos from the internet and comments about them, its a simple idea and people love to watch him make jokes and give his opinion on the viral videos.

2) Nigahiga- 
6,351,352 subscribers, 136 videos, 1.39 billion video views, 206.8 million channel views. This youtuber releases a video during different periods of time, doesn't really have a schedule but when a video is uploaded is definitely worth the wait, the videos are fun original comedy. This youtuber doesn't have a production company when he makes his videos and that's another reason why people love this channel as it's homemade.

3) Smosh- 6,332,840 subscribers, 269 videos, 1.93 billion video views, 223.5 million channel views. Smosh consists of two normal guys creating funny random sketches once a week. Complete with a schedule and a production company and as well as at least five other channels its definitely worth it to check them out.

4) Machinima- 5,392,800 subscribers, 22.4k videos, 3.89 billion video views, 169.1 million video views. Machinima is a massive franchise with several channels that focus on gaming, different channels for different game categories , they upload videos constantly hence, 22.4k videos. If your interested in all aspects of gaming and genres then go check them out. 


5) JennaMarbles5,212,823 subscribers, 121 videos, 892 million video views, 83.1 million video views. A recent rising Youtuber, creating honest videos with an outgoing personality about everyday life, relationships between girls and boys and make up tutorials for girls. She introduces her comic side and releases some sketches here and there.

Comment below, who is your favourite youtuber? 

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John said...

This is a very beautiful and interesting research
The most educating one i have read today!

High School Diploma

Kimi said...

Where's JennaMarbles?

Anonymous said...

smosh hit 5 million subscribers

Anonymous said...

Agreed, she is AMAZING

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know! She should be number 1!

Dom Michelin said...

Guys, this list is as of March 2012. JennaMarbles wasn't in the top 5 at that time unfortunately. But yes she is an amazing youtuber. Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

Dom Michelin said...

Now 6 million haha :)

Dom Michelin said...

He is awesome! ^_^

Dom Michelin said...

Thanks a lot John! glad you enjoyed the post :)

Dom Michelin said...

OK guys, the post is officially updated to December rankings! :)

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