Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Gadgets You Can't Live Without!

MP3 Player - The MP3 player, a complex device that does a simply thing play mp3 songs. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Lord Sugar or Dragons Den that assumed that the idea of listening to your favorite music on the go was a complete idiotic idea that would not work. Well that took a wrong turn didn't it? 
I bet those words are words of regret now. Listening to your favorite songs were ever you are is always useful in terms of being in a moment were you just want to hear a song that you love. It seems whoever travels alone anywhere they always have headphones in their ears, listening to music. No one can't live without music. So no one can't live without an MP3 player.

DVD Player - A gadget that gives you the ability to play any DVD and watch it through somewhere. This gadget is still a popular thing and I still see plenty of homes with DVD players, but the owners always don't seem to use them. Maybe because people watch everything they need on the internet. 
The internet has all the movies you could ever dream of and PC's and Laptops all have DVD playback capabilities. I'm scared that the DVD player itself might begin to die away because so much gadgets out there now can play DVDs. But is still exists and is still in our homes, so we can't live without it. We just need it there... hopefully not for bragging purposes.

Games Consoles - Ahh...Game consoles. Generation after Generation there has always been some sort of game console. Have you noticed how much game consoles changed in a short period of time? It shocks me with surprise how fast technology and human understanding is developing. 
The gaming industry is in the top 5 most money-made franchises simply because everyone loves a challenge in a virtual world and competition between friends. I don't think games are going anywhere, I mean it's in human nature to be competitive and to try to be the best (Alpha) maybe that is why we can't live without game consoles.

TV - TelALIEVISION. See what I did there. Where to begin. Society loves to constantly throw in our faces that a TV is a must have in every house and you can't possibly live without one. I don't know about you but I don't actually watch a lot of Television. One thing because I rather write on here and build a community of opinion. Second thing is because all I see on Television 24/7 is long breaks with advertisements. 
What is the exact point in watching a movie on TV when you can watch it somewhere like on a tablet,computer,laptop,smartphone without any long adverts. Comment below about your situation. Don't get me wrong I fully understand the TV and it's full purpose and amazement but I don't want to go toilet when the TV says so. If you know what I mean. Everywhere I go there will always be a television in a household, most commonly even more then one TV. Seriously the bathroom?

Laptop/PC - If we are ignoring the digital divide, a laptop or a PC is our 'most hours spent using tool' (Yes I know a Mac is as well very funny Mr.Technical) The reason why we can't live without this is because we are all constantly interested in hearing and learning new information about anything and these gadgets have internet(greatest creation of all time) and is packed with countless data and detail for us to never stop being an absorbing sponge. 

It is in fact true that you will learn more information on Google in 15minutes then a month in high school, this is a scientific fact. I'm not joking. Everything you could possibly want in your fingertips. The internet I wouldn't classify as an gadget but lets just say Laptops/PCs/Macs and other gadgets wouldn't be where they are today and popular if it wasn't for the internet. So then why should we live without them.

Smartphone - This gadget is actually quite a new born one if you think about it. Because remember those old big Nokia mobile phones that never broke and had nearly endless battery well they were not smartphones they were just phones. The word smart comes in when a mobile phone offers more then just the basic ability of a mobile phone, often with PC like capabilities. 
OK wait a second, I know it seems I am ranting on this post but I don't think the smartphones are actually smart. They use more battery power , they would lag randomly or freeze from time to time. I own a smartphone and I'm sure you may too, but most people forget the main purpose of a phone is to send and receive messages/calls. No wonder I see a lot of people wondering around with a old version of phones, maybe they understand all of this. It is extremely likely that Smartphones and Mobile phones are not going anywhere. Give me a call later.

Is there a gadget that you can't live without that isn't on this list?!

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What Do Kids Want For Christmas?

Christmas is pretty much here, I mean for me personally this year went so fast that I don't even feel in a Christmasy mood. It might be just the fact that we are all aging and Christmas just seems to lose its excitement each year. 

Nothing will ever be the same since when we were little and always peaked outside the window to see if its snowing or always woke up our parents the earliest possible time just because we were to excited to sleep and couldn't wait until Christmas morning.
 We all know that parents usually find this time of the year the most stressful. Always searching around stores 24/7 trying to find the perfect present for their children. As our society and technology develops, the question what we should ask ourselves is 'Have children's tastes changed and are they too young for certain products?' 'What do they actually want for Christmas'
If you are a parent and actually told your child that Santa Claus doesn't exist then you have the advantage of just asking them what they want for Christmas. But the whole point of this post is for parents or relatives to fully understand what children want for Christmas.

Things To Think About:
  1. Has the kid shown interest in something recently or for a while, has he/she said out loud that he/she wants something specifically or something he/she wishes to have. 
  2. Ask someone that knows the kid well if you are not a parent, maybe that person might know what they would like for Christmas. 
  3. Look at the child's interests and what they admire and then search online gifts relating to that interest. 
  4. Avoid too many gifts that you know they don't really want but you believe they need such as, a new jumper,socks or a school bag. I remember when I was a kid and I saw these sort of presents on Christmas day, it really made sort of think that I might not have good presents this year.  
  5. It's not all the time you have to purchase a present that you think they might like. Sometimes it's amazing to, in a way, gamble. For instance, purchase a present that you yourself think is amazing and then give them that, because when you think a present is good and suitable then there is a high chance that the kid will too and maybe end up finding a new interest. I will tell you an example, when I was twelve years old my mum got me a guitar. I was surprised and I thought 'This isn't my present right?' the reason I thought this way is because I wasn't even into music or played the guitar but the point is, is that my mum thought it would be a great present and she thought I would get into a new interest and maybe learn how to play the guitar, she was right.  
  6. If you struggle to think of a present to get for your child in mind, then I would suggest looking at what other kids would like that are similar age because usually kids, actually not just kids a lot of people love to own something that is popular so that they can relate with others about it. But I would say this should be a last resort. As everyone is different, personally even me now I still don't like to be part of the crowd.
I can understand the position of trying to get the right gift but in the end you really would know that child relatively well and you shouldn't be reading an article of what to get that child for Christmas. Wow that sounded mean. 

For those that can't decide, here are popular kids toys out there today!


Bop It! XT  
The flicking, twisting, reaction-testing game fun for everyone challenging, quite interactive, with the voice saying different things each time you fail. It makes you want to beat the last score in spite of yourself. Good for increasing concentration and honing reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination.This toy is really popular with boys as they love to test their reaction times the most, but great for anyone to enjoy. 
I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 8.9/10. Simple idea that tests your reflexes and fun for everyone!  

Click Here To Order Yours For Christmas!

The Amazing Spider-Man Motorized Web-Shooting Figure  
This 13-inch-tall figure features two motorised string web shooters, so you can create awesome web-blasting action, just like The Amazing Spider-Man. Blast webs with the push of a button and hear cool web-slinging sounds that activate with every blast. What boy doesn't like superheroes? I wish this level of complexity of toys was around when I was young. 
I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 7/10. Awesome action figure with web and hanging abilities for kids to adapt its position around the house, but needs 4 AAA batteries for the Spidey sounds.   

Click Here To Order Yours For Christmas!


John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker 
Melt, mould and wrap 4 different lolly shapes with this clever work station. This lolipop maker gives you the ability to write a message on your lollipop. Young girls are always crazy about creating something they love, now they have an amazing chance. This product is like a mini lollipop factory all in a box. You got the molded chocolate, animal shapes and wrapping shiny bags. A young girl can impress her family and friends. I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 8/10. Impressive present for the girl to share when made, but it would ussually be a few day thing and then there will be no items left to make the lollipops.  

Click Here To Order Yours For Christmas!

Mystyle Shrink Craft Jewellery 
Make beautiful jewellery from simple shrink plastic with myStyle Shrink Craft Jewellery. It seems customization is a popular thing when it comes to young girls. This lets girls create their own jewellery with the items provided and even wear them and give them to friends to wear, maybe even sell them who knows?? I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 7.3/10. Hours of fun creating and styling girls own jewellery, seems worth it

Click Here To Order Yours For Christmas!

Are You Guys Feeling The Christmas Mood This Year?

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Internet Addicts, Addiction To The Internet And Treatment!

If you are reading this then you are obviously on the internet. But the question really you have to ask yourself, are you addicted to the internet? Do you find yourself using up quite a lot of hours surfing the web, I know I do. But did you know there's actually an Internet Addictive Disorder, yes I'm not making this up. The problem here is that I'm writing this blog on the internet about internet addiction, how ironic.

Excessive Pornographic Use
Excessive Gambling
Social Networking

These are all symptoms of the addiction apparently, more like the best things about the internet! But anyway let's get serious. Have others around you randomly said to you in some form or another that you are always on the internet? And you just ignore it and think of it as a inappropriate comment. Well it might be time to do something. Although our world in this day and age is packed with technology that never stops expanding there is always a limit of how much you should take granted of it. Too much of anything is always bad.

Things To Do If Your Addicted To The Internet!
  1. An important one is to take breaks of 10-15min every 1-2 hours of being on the internet. This will carm your brain and eyes.
  2. Drink water or get a snack to eat and just relax for a short period of time.
  3. If your addiction is stopping you from doing other important work then definitely  do the important stuff first.
  4. Ask a good friend or family member to call you or text you to remind of things you need to do that day to distract you from the internet.
  5. Set an alarm during a time of day in which you allow yourself to go on the internet.
  6. Use social networking only in the morning and at night.
  7. Never spend more than you earn in real life in online gambling and stop playing when you win that day. Gambling is the most money made franchise around the world, you got to control your mind and know when to stop. I shouldn't really be telling you how to stop. If that makes sense. 'The mind is in control of the body'
  8. Take up a sport or a hobby that takes place outside your home. It will refresh your body and you will learn new things and have fun.
  9. Turn the internet off when you attempt to do work or something else that's vital as it will easily distract you, we all know.
  10. Go on a holiday for once and don't use the internet during the holiday, not once! You will be surprised by how its not needed and how fast the time went by.
  11. If the list above doesn't seem to work and you are still heavily addicted to the internet, then I suggest talking to someone such as a psychiatrist or a therapist. NOT a family member as they will not understand and would just think your lazy.
  12. LAST THING! The Internet is always going to be there. You think your missing out on something? your most likely not missing out on something thats going to change how you live your life everyday. No need to constantly refresh your page to see new statues and videos, they will not go anywhere unless someone deletes them.
Share this blog post to a friend that you think is addicted to the internet to make them stop!

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Things To Do At Christmas In London, 2012!

I'm not even going to start talking about how fast the year 2012 has gone. It almost seems like yesterday when I was celebrating last years new years eve. I don't know about all of you but it went super fast. So Christmas is going to be around the corner in this city of London!. And you thought the Olympics was enough, we created a list of things that you could this Christmas in London.

Ice Skating at Somerset House
Celebrate this winter season with an opportunity to ice skate in the most popular winter attractions with your family and friends. A treat for everyone to enjoy at all ages. Put your coats on, tighten your scarves around you and head out to Somerset House for a magical session of ice skating in one of the most stunning squares in London.  Every winter, this beautiful 18th century setting raises an ice skating rink to the great pleasure of Londoners.

Royal Opera House
Built in 1732, this well-known theater is the home to the Royal Ballet and Royal Opera, which regularly features world famous stars and performances throughout the year.I visit the Opera House a couple of times a year and love taking new people who are always surprised at how much they love it. It's a great night out for friends and family of all ages.

If you can visit the Amphitheater restaurant for dinner between acts you're sure to have a delightful evening. If you have two intervals i'd recommend having your starter and main before the performance begins so you can use the other intervals for desert and coffee.

SouthBank Centre Christmas Market
I love these Christmas markets and try to get to one every year, I also love the Southbank, so made an effort to get here while I was in town for a concert at the Barbican. It was worth making the effort, and I wish I'd had room for some of the lovely foodstuffs on offer. The Southbank Centre's wide-ranging programme of classical & world music, rock & pop, jazz, dance, literature and the visual arts - attracts the most diverse audience of any UK venue.

Reindeer Lodge at London Zoo
London's very own reindeer herd takes up residence at London Zoo's new Reindeer Lodge in the run-up to Christmas. Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer and Blitzen will be taking a daily walk around the zoo and visitors will be able to pet the reindeer in their enclosure.The London Zoo is laid out quite well. Walking around entire zoo you see everything and aren't exhausted. The best hot dogs we had the entire trip to UK were at the London Zoo.  Another Great place for adults and kids this Christmas.

Where Are You Going This Christmas? Share In The Comments!

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Best TV Shows That Never Should Have Been Canceled!

No Ordinary Family - ( September 28, 2010 – April 5, 2011)
It seems pathetic and nonsensical that this TV show has been cancelled. My guess is, since it does not have adult scenes, perverted language and swearing it is not cut out to be produced anymore. No ordinary family has a great story plot and portrays a family with super powers. In their quest to find out what or how their powers work they are confronted by other individuals who also have powers. This show is a great family show and as an avid follower it was a show where everyone in a family can relate to a character; a caring mother, the strong father, the smart children and the terrific friends.

Heroes  - (September 25, 2006 – February 8, 2010)
This show was without a doubt one of my favorite shows ever. The amazing actors and storyline always blew my mind, and at the end of each episode they always had a curious cliff hanger to keep you hungry for more. The show covers all different people having powers and coming together eventually to defeat the bad powerful guy, Sylar. But the show focuses more on each characters individual affect on their lives with these powers. The apparent reason it was cancelled is that too many characters had different projects going on and it interfered too much with the show and then it got cancelled by NBC. But we all know the reason why networks cancel shows, is that their ratings decrease each season. Which is a shame. Excellent story, fur-nominal special effects, amazing characters and acting and also 10million people still watched the last episode of the show. If that is not enough to keep a show running then I don't know what is.

My Name Is Earl - (September 20, 2005 – May 14, 2009)
Earl is a low-life who buys a winning lottery ticket, only to get hit by a car, losing the ticket in the process. He then realizes in the hospital that his bad luck is the result of karma in which fate punishes him for all the rotten things he's ever done in his life; therefore, he then decides to dedicate his life to making amends to all the people he has hurt in his life. I loved the show but what I loved most was finally seeing something that showed some semblance of an original thought. Almost every show that debuts today is simply the repackaging of a previous idea or concept.My name is Earl is an obvious attempt to provide something different and hopefully far better than todays traditional boiler-plate sitcom model.This show was really funny. Jason Lee kills me any time anything comes out of his mouth in this show.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - (January 13, 2008 – April 10, 2009)
This series is set after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. After the sacrifices of Dr. Miles Dyson and T-800 Model 101 Terminator, the Connors find themselves once again being stalked by Skynet's agents from the future. Realizing their nightmare isn't over, they decide to stop running and focus on preventing the birth of Skynet. I read all the bad reviews, and watched all the episodes. Trust me, the people giving it bad reviews watched only the pilot or two episodes and gave up too quickly. The show evolves and gets much better than the first few episodes.You know when you sit down and watch something new, and it grabs you, surprises you and entertains you? Well it doesn't happen all the time, but this show did that with me.

Everybody Hates Chris - (September 22, 2005 – May 8, 2009)
The show is about Chris Rock's life as 13 year old and how he thought being a teenager was going to be fun when it turns out that it wasn't what he expected it to be and it shows on how he grew up in Brooklyn, New York with his younger brother and sister and his strict, hard-working parents. This show should be called Everyone Loves Chris because Chris Rock is the funniest comedian alive.This show is what was missing on our TV's. We needed a family comedy sitcom that is a bit offensive and racial.When I first saw this show I thought it was so hilarious but as it goes on it keeps getting funnier and better.Chris Rock is the only guy that can find something funny out of his old horrible past.

Which TV Show Do You Wish Was Still On Our TV Screens? Leave A Comment!

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