Monday, 9 April 2012

Top 10 Best Gadgets 2012!

It's 2012. A new year is here and that means all the gadgets around us are also becoming new and improved and waiting for us to discover them and the anticipation is high. Now, as far as 2011 is concerned, many were thrilled upon the news of the iPad 2 and many lost hope with the iPhone 4S lacking new content and was only just an addition to voice command, people were devastated that there wasn't an iPhone 5 in 2011. 

However, we got a bunch of  new Android devices like the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note. 2011 also saw the concern of Microsoft and Nokia to hopefully bring in new gadgets, as well as bring Nokia some revenue. Lets just hope the world isn't going to end as expected in 2012 as its only just the beginning when it comes to technology and gadget development, here is what 2012 awaits us!

1) iPhone 5
iPhone 5 Design not final product.
Despite the iPhone 4S being a great improvement to the original the lack of physical changes, as well as the simple addition of “S” to the predecessor’s moniker made people skip this release. Although the voice command option seemed to be one of the best in the market and attracted lots of customers for entertainment purposes.

It is in this position that many are really anticipating and waiting for an “actual” new iPhone. Speculations like the aluminum backing and a bigger 4 inch screen is making many excited. There has been designs for transparent screens like shown on the right. Will Apple actually make this wait and brilliant ideas and planning a confirmed reality? Only time will tell.

2) iPad 3
The iPad was a sure game-office attracted product when it came out a couple of years ago. Then it improved with the iPad 2 releasing halfway through 2011. 

So how are they going to possibly improve this to a third release. Let's be honest who wouldn't be frustrated purchasing an Ipad then noticing a 2nd one being released half a year later and hearing that a 3rd one will be released a year later. Although consumers are frustrated, Apple need to really make a major difference to the 3rd model rather than more battery life. 

Also we sadly lost Steve Jobs late in 2011, will there be chances that the iPad will go on a different idea and possibly design under a different controls and authority? Well, everyone’s wishing for a processor which will make the iPad 3 the best mobile gaming platform around,but will Apple listen to the fans?

3) Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced by Samsung on February 13, 2011 at the Mobile World Congress. Given that Samsung really got a lot with the SII, selling around 10 million copies of the phone, many are thinking they’ll continue the winning succesful effort with the third installment of the Galaxy S series of phones  instead of just releasing another model for sales. 

The smart phones out there are getting more fierce but by the sound of things the Samsung Galaxy SIII might live up to the expectations and become a success. Will it match with the iPhone 5? 

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally released between April or June, it has been said that will change the mobile and smartphone era, including its fastest CPU out of all the smartphones out there, can easily be true but can easily dissapoint customers. We will know.

4) Xbox 720?
Ok, now speculations,rumours,stories whatever you want to call them have been talked about the Xbox 720 for years in the industry. 

The name has been comfirmed. However, development and production is silent when it comes to the 720. Perhaps Microsoft are waiting for right time to release such an anticipated console? Or are they lacking ideas and everything that has been thought of, is been already released or being released soon e.g this top 10 list.

 And Microsoft don't want to dissapoint their gamers while they enjoy their new improved 360. Not confirmed but it is said to have an 8-core processor, supports 3D, multiTV, live TV and webcam functionality meaning a built in Kinect which is already released. Not a huge excitement if this is true because it seems to be heading towards the PC and TV development road instead it of being a excellent console. 

In any case, Microsoft is rumored to release the 720 in 2012, but lets not get our hopes up because at this point in time if it were released this year, Microsoft would already inform us with design and compatabilities. Who Knows..?

5) Nintendo Wii U
Being at a technological disadvantage against the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 didn’t stop the Wii from being a household name in gaming and entertainment overall. 

It's being used as family entertainment and fitness console throughout the world. Now the Wii U is officially being released late 2012, perfect for the next generation purchase for children as well as adults in a family. 

The Wii U is the first Nintendo console to produce 1080p HD graphics, and includes a new controller with  touchscreen. The controller allows a player to continue playing certain games by displaying the game even when the television is off. 

The system will be backwards compatible with Wii, and Wii U games can support compatibility with Wii peripherals, such as the Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus, and Wii Balance Board. It is being named the eighth generation release of console.

6) PlayStation Vita
With the PSP Go being a complete disaster with sales and making Sony lose huge amounts of money. Sony decided to stop the production of the PSP Go and release their upgraded look of the PSP, which is the Vita. 1.2 million units were sold as of 28th of February 2012. 

And this is one small beauty never to be underestimated with its quad-core processor a front touch screen and a rear touch pad, two analog sticks and the socially-integrated UI that still is a lot of getting used to, it also brings back the look of the PSP with huge improvements which make this handheld console definitely one of the best out there. 

7) Quad-Core Mobile Phones/Tablets

By Nvidia introducing their Tegra 3 quad-core processor, disappeared are the days where desktops as well as high-end laptops were the single ones to acquire the quad-core treatment. ASUS instantly jumped on the gun with their Transformer Prime (regardless of being sued for the name) and situated the Tegra 3 chipset to control this device. This proved to be an immense choice as the Transformer Prime was certainly an extremely fast tablet and this sets the priority for more quad-core devices to emerge of the market, hopefully in 2012.