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Hottest and Coldest Places on Earth!


Dasht-e Lut, Iran
This area is a salt desert and it is the 25th largest desert in the world. Most of the area is covered in volcano lava, which kind of makes sense where the hot temperatures come from.

This desert gets so much sunshine,absorbing extremely high temperatures, meaning there is no place for humans to live. Dasht-e Lut has reached the hottest temperature then anywhere on earth between the years 2003 and 2009.

This Lut desert mostly contains sand with ravines and sinkholes. When it rains, it rains in small periods of time and is quite rare to find water as it is mostly dries up quickly, leaving behind salt. Hottest and one of the driest place on earth with 
Record High Temperature: (70.7°C, 159-160°F).

Al ’Aziziyah, Libya
Is a city and the capital of the Jafara district in northwestern Libya, 41 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Tripoli. At 13 September 1922, a high temperature  was recorded , which is the highest temperature that was recorded on earth at that time, however there have been arguments whether this was an accurate recording as the thermometers were damaged and had to be replaced, as well as a weather station which was set up on a tarmac which absorbed more sunlight and caused the air surrounding hotter, explaining the high temperature readings.

Record High Temperature: (57.8°C, 136°F)

Death Valley, California, USA
Death Valley is home to the driest, and hottest places in North America. Death Valley sprawls near the border of California and Nevada; contains faults, salt pans, and water ways; and is home to a number of wildlife, including plants, birds and fish. Large amounts of heated air blow throughout the valley causing high  temperatures. It has an area of about 3,000 sq miles (7,800 km). The hottest temperature here was recorded on July 10, 1913.  
Record High Temperature: (56.7°C,134°F).


Vostok Station, Antarctica
Vostok Research Station is located at about 1,300 km from the Geographic South Pole.Well, it is not only the coldest place, but is the windiest and the highest continent in the world. The Vostok Station, a Russian research station which is located in Antarctica has recorded a lowest temperature on earth.The station approximately contains 25 scientists and engineers in the summer. In winter, this number drops to 13. Antarctica receives least amount of rainfall on earth just next to the Sahara Desert, which kind of seems it is like a desert even though it contains the most ice on earth.
Record Low Temperature: (-89.2°C,-128.6°F)

Plateau Station, Antarctica
Plateau station of Antarctica has recorded to be the second coldest places on earth. It is the place which is home to wildlife such as whales, penguins, seals and other sea animals and plants, but no a lot of humans.The station was operated and staffed by the National Science Foundation and United States Navy. On 22 December 2007, the Norwegian-U.S. Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica visited the base and entered the buildings, finding that it was mostly intact. Scientists and other research staffs come to this land to learn more about the earth’s history and weather. It is one of the wildest and the loneliest regions of the planet earth. The Plateau Station was one of the most remote and coldest of any United States stations on the continent
Record Low Temperature:  (-84°C,-119.2°F)

Oymyakon, Russia
Oymyakon is a small Russian village which is located along the Indigirka River, and hidden between the two mountain ranges. It has the population of approximately 800 people. This place was first founded by the Mongols at the time of Genghis Khan. At the village's high latitude, day length varies from 3 hours in December to 21 hours in the summer. Winters in Oymyakon are long and cold and summers are moderately warm but very short. The climate is dry, summers are much wetter than winters. Is usually the other way around in most places.
Record Low Temperature: (-71.1°C,-96.0°F)

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