Saturday, 9 June 2012

Richest People in The World 2012!

- Karl Albrecht

A German entrepreneur which formed the popular supermarket Aldi with his brother Theo Albrecht. He was born in Essen, Germany on 20 February 1920 .He and his brother Theo Albrecht started career by looking after the grocery store of their parents at 1948. His brother has a net worth of $16.7 billion. Not a lot is known about him or his family as he has removed himself from public attention and neither him or his family run the business.Net Worth of $25.4 Billion.

- Li Ka Shing

Born on 13th June, 1928 to Li Yunjing in Guangdong, China. Started his career as a salesman during 1944 and later founded a plastic-goods company. 1967 he started land holding company which was officially named as Cheng Kong Holdings in 1971. "From his humble beginnings in China as a teacher’s son, a refugee, and later as a salesman, Li provides a lesson in integrity and adaptability. Through hard work, and a reputation for remaining true to his internal moral compass, he was able to build a business empire that includes: banking, construction, real estate, plastics, cellular phones, satellite television, cement production, retail outlets (pharmacies and supermarkets), hotels, domestic transportation (sky train), airports, electric power, steel production, ports, and shipping". Listed with Net Worth of $25.5 Billion.

- Stefan Persson

Born on 4 October 1947, he is the chairman and main shareholder for the fashion company Hennes & Mauritz (H&M). He attended University of Sweden and has three children. In 2009 his son took over as President and CEO of H&M. Stefan Persson father actually was the founder of H&M, the Persson family owns about 33% of the company and has a 69% voting right. Stefan Persson is the richest person in Sweden and 8th richest person in the world with Net Worth of $26 Billion.

- Eike Batista

Born on November 3, 1956. Started his career as Salesman at Germany contacting producers in the Amazon area and buyers in large metropolitan centers in Brazil and Europe in gold and diamond trades. He got married in the year 1991 to Luma de Oliveria. Started gold trading firm Autram Aurem at age of 23.He became CEO at the age of 29 to TVX Gold. He is 7th on list with Net worth of $30 Billion.

- Larry Ellison

He was born in The Bronx at New York on August 17 1944 .He was adopted by his mother’s uncle and aunt at age of 9 months. He co-founded Oracle in year 1977 along with Ed Oates and Robert Miner which was earlier known as Software Development Labs and he is the chief executive officer of Oracle.  As of 2012, he is the third wealthiest American citizen, Net worth of $36.5 Billion.

- Amancio Ortega

He was born on March 28 1936 in Leon, Spain in a family with limited earnings. He started working as a delivery boy at the age of 13 for a shirt maker. He is a Spanish fashion executive and founding chairman of the Spanish clothing merchandiser Inditex. He is ranked as Spain's richest man.He didn’t had much of formal education but due to his quick learning ability he started retail shop in 1975 Zara. Ortega keeps a very low profile. He refuses to wear a tie, and likes to dress in blue jeans and T-shirts. He is said to take a very active part in the production and design process in the company, Net worth is $37.5 Billion.

- Bernard Arnault

Born on 5th March 1949 in Roubaix, France. He is best known as the chairman and CEO of LVMH.He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique at the year 1971. He is married twice. Arnault is the world's 4th and Europe's richest person. In 2007 Arnault was named Commander of the Legion of Honour, France’s highest order. He inherited LVMH which is a construction firm and took it to peak, Net worth of $41 Billion.

- Warren Buffett

He was born to Howard and Leila Buffett on 30th August 1930 at Nebraska. He graduated in year 1951 from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was early into business as he started at the age of 11 itself, selling things door to door to raise extra money. Started his first partnership in the year 1956. 1962 he purchased shares of Berkshire Hathway which took him to form all his subsidiary partnerships into one. At the age of 81 he has Net Worth of $44 Billion.

- Bill Gates

He was born in Seattle, Washington on 28th October 1955. In the year 1973 he got his graduation from Lakeside. But he went into business at his early age of 15 before his graduation with Paul Allen In the year 1975 he and Paul Allen formed the company Microsoft which is today’s most successful software company. Gates is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution. He got married to Melinda in year 1964. Gates's last full-time day at Microsoft was June 27, 2008. He remains at Microsoft as non-executive chairman. Net Worth of $61 Billion.

- Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu was born on January 28 1940, in Mexico City to the couple Julian Slim Haddad and Dona Linda Helu. He accomplished his professional studies in the year 1961 in Civil Engineering from National Autonomous University of Mexico, he was also a professor while he was still studying as he taught Algebra and Linear programing there. In the year 1965 he incorporated Inversora Bursatil and held the position as Chairman of Board of Directors. This later became Grupo Carso which is being running successfully till date. 'His extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso, SA de CV, have amassed interests in the fields of communications, technology, retailing, and finance'.He married Soumaya Domit Gemayel in the year 1967. Today at the age of 72 he is the worlds richest person in the world with Net worth of $69 Billion.

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