Friday, 21 September 2012

Best Free Apps!

Have you ever wanted to know which apps in the App store are the most popular and downloaded of all time, well we have complied a list of the most popular free Apple apps download from users with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. Some of these you might not of even heard of surprisingly, the categories for these apps are diverse so is good to know which apps are the most popular so here they are!

1. Facebook - The social network site that most of you are aware of . It's definitely argued of one the most popular social networking sites with the most registered users then any other social network site. But can Facebook hold this position for much longer as there is numerous of other uprising social media sites such as Keek, Reddit and Instagram as well as constant business and celebrity popularity with Twitter. Will users get bored of Facebook and leave to some place new? Read our older post of the Top 10 Things NOT to do on Facebook!.

2. Pandora Radio - This is a personalised internet radio app in which users can listen to free music that they enjoy, the service plays musical selections similar to the song suggestions entered by a user that is online. The user provides his/her  feedback for songs chosen by the service, which are considered for other selections. This app is mainly accessible in United States, Australia and New Zealand. This app is available in the UK due to licensing issues and laws, mainly the reason why UK users have never heard of it but its very popular in the states.

3. Google Mobile App -The most popular search engine on mobile, what else could a person want. Yes, Google Mobile App was a success and now users can search and browse anything they want fast and instantly across the web. The app also has a voice recognition to create voice actions while using the app to control your phone, call your contacts and even ask for directions, but its nothing like Siri. This google mobile app is automatically installed to most devices.

4. Shazam - This one is a music discovery service for mobile phones. Shazam connects over millions of people in different countries to music and even TV shows. This one is getting popular and expanding.

5. Movies By Flixster -  Flixster is a social movie rental and discussion website, as well renting movies to watch on your device it lets you communicate with other users to review,learn about movies,talk about them and viewing trailers for discussion. Flixster also lets you locate your nearest theater with the playing times for the latest movies. 

6. The Weather Channel - Is a worldwide forecast of a satellite television network, it mainly forecasts weather and weather news and stories. Not much to say for this one just that if you want to find out the weather forecast when your not watching TV or on the computer then this is the app to download. Since this app is about weather, you might enjoy to read our post on the Hottest And Coldest Places On  Earth!.

7. Google Earth - This is a virtual geographic 3D map service which lets you view a superimposition of virtually anywhere on Earth, hence the name. Some may think this is even a game, but it isn't really. It includes most of the features from Google Maps such as finding a local business. Google Earth lets you check out the places that you like and even see images from space crafts of the Moon and Mars. It actually in ways is like Google Maps but much larger, more detailed and more realistic image viewing as well as the fact you can learn about the place that you are viewing on Google Earth. 

8. Bump - Bump is a instant sharing app that lets you transfer and exchange contact details, files and images with another smartphone just by bumping with it, try not to smash each others smartphones. We don't mean literally bumping them against each other so they're touching we mean holding them near. Bump uses the internet to transfer information  into another smart phones cloud. Users have full control with who they want to share information with and how much information. 

9. Skype - Skype is a free internet video , voice call and instant messaging service for peer to peer. It uses the internet to communicate with others. We actually have been using Skype since 2006 and it was only released in 2003 and so much has changed since then, its unbelievable. Currently Microsoft own the company, it was like this since 2011. Skype is also very popular for business conferences worldwide and file sharing.

 10. Paper Toss - An addicting simple time wasting game that is extremely popular among all ages. You have a rolled up paper ball and you flick it with your finger in the towards the bin, but beware you have a fan that changes your direction in the air. Yes, completely simple yet so good. The game itself has several maps which make no sense to flicking paper balls but of course that's just for fun. What's your record? 

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