Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why Purchase Online/Online Shopping!

Online shopping is a new form of technology that has been formed with the progress of the Internet. It is a handy way of shopping and lets you vast a range of products at your fingertips. Today, more and more of us are enjoying buying things online. Every time we successfully complete an online transaction, we are more likely to do it again because we gain confidence that we will not necessarily be cheated. 

Online shopping offers lower prices because organisations have no shop to support so they can charge less than high street shops. So that is why you should purchase things online but here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing items online.


- Vast selection of products available from anywhere in the world. 
- People can shop without leaving home from a global area of market on the internet 24/7 which delivers goods to your door without the need to queue. 
- Offers people huge convenience of cheap prices and wide range of choices of items globally. 
- It also really helps the lives of disabled and elderly people because they no more have to go out to a shop, search and buy items but instead get them delivered to their home which stops stress, effort and energy for those people.


- Online shopping sometimes can cause delivery problems with hidden costs and lack of security.  
- The customer must be extremely aware of the places they shop; shoppers must have the individual duty to investigate and check the retailer that they are dealing with. It decreases the chances for fraud if the customer is aware of the problems and knows how to rightly handle them.
- Sometimes people receive bad quality faulty products that are fake and they can’t return them because whoever delivered the product was the creator of a scam. 
- If safety and security is breached then anybody may possibly have access to personal info and causes a lot of damage. Fraud is the main cause why most citizens do not shop online; they sense it is too simple to fall as a victim to information thieves.  

Be safe and wise when shopping online, research the retailer or shop or whoever you are thinking of purchasing from. Remember this 'If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is'. This is the rule I follow, not just for online shopping but generally in life. Be aware of your actions and don't be completely blinded by special deals. Majority of the time, buying things online is reliable, the pros overpower the cons.

Some straight forward stuff, how's that?

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