Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How To Decide What Career Is Right For You!

Deciding of what career is right for you can be very frightening. Does it sometimes feel that everyone around you one way or another knows what they want to do with their lives and how to get there, but you don't? Well surprisingly so many people are unsure what career road to take. There are so many opportunities available in this day and age that are offered either through colleges,universities,apprenticeships, summer schools, work experiences,volunteering. There is no doubt about it that it is a struggle. Not everyone knows what they want to be since the age of 5. Because so many of you are torn, maybe this post will push you in the right direction.

The Skills You Have
Think of some past jobs or experiences you encounter, what have you learned from them? Most of the opportunities we had, we gained some sort of skills or developed them. I know when I had my first job as a waiter, it made me more confident in meeting new people. Most of the time people don't realise they have certain characteristics that will help them in a career they decide to take. Just open your mind a bit and you might identify that your better at something than others.

What Do You Enjoy
Most of the time people are lucky enough to find a career that fits well as one of their hobbies. Some say this would be a dream job, as you are doing something you love. Think of what you like to do in your spare time e.g. play a sport,watching TV, play video games, go clubbing, read. If you look at this list closely there are all sorts of jobs and degrees out there that fits with these. >

  •  Playing a sport- Gym instructor, sport and health adviser, Sports teacher, Coach.
  •  Watching TV- Actor/Actress, Editor, Interviewer, Reporter, Presenter.
  •  Playing video games- Game tester, game designer/developer/advertiser.
  •  Clubbing- Club promoter, club manager, dancer.
  •  Reading- Writer, Publisher, Editor, Blogger, Teacher.
These are just examples of how hobbies can relate to careers, its just an idea of how to view the broad area that is available.

When you think your near enough in narrowing down your options of what career to take. It is very important to do full research and analysis of the career area. What does it include,what are the future opportunities, what do you do, is there training required or other skills needed. Also it might be a good idea to get in contact with someone that has background in your career intention and worked there themselves. They will clearly outline the advantages and disadvantages of the career and what to look out for and how to prepare.

Less Specific
A lot of people tend to go down this route. Is where you decide on a career which opens up a lot of opportunities for you in terms of job hunting. Studying something like mathematics,English or history all are very vague areas in which a lot of jobs need the skills for. That is why so many people decide pick this because it's adaptable and doesn't necessarily require a constant one dead end job.

More Than One Path
Don't get trapped into societies intentions that you should be or act like someone and head into a specific direction in life. You can be whoever you want to be. Use that freedom to decide and embrace it, don't listen to negative things as in the end it's all about you. Not everyone has one career intention or one job they work for their whole life. You can take different paths, taste each flavour out there. It's not how you get where you are is what you did to get there. You more likely to have more than one interest then why not learn and study more than one thing. 

To summarise, head towards the direction you feel is right. Don't let anyone doubt you. Get the right form of research and advice and stay positive for the challenge that awaits you.  Try to maybe relate your talents to career intentions as much as possible because it can be handy. Receive the right qualifications, don't give up and go for it. This post was just to, in a way, motivate or inspire the individual that is torn that reads my blog. No one can ever push you to be someone you don't want to be but instead only help you on the way.

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