Sunday, 14 October 2012

Things To Do At Halloween This Year!

Halloween is just going to be around the corner, all of you know how fast time goes. One moment your eating breakfast the next you hear your doorbell and see that there kids trick r treating. But what if you don't want to answer the door this holiday, well if your one of those people that don't fancy the holiday we thought about you and made a list of what you can do instead this Halloween!

1) Form a house party
If you don't feel like going out on Halloween, what you scared? just kidding. Throw a house party either at your house or suggest a friend to form one. I understand that a lot of people might be busy during this holiday but they're are lots of people out there that have the same opinion about Halloween as you do, gather and invite some people and have a good time. No need to make the Halloween party fancy dress, just say 'its a normal party without the Halloween costumes!' But you don't have to mention that to the girls...

2) Go traveling to some tourist attractions

During Halloween, if some reason you have a few days off then why not use that as an opportunity to visit a tourist attraction that you always wanted to go to but you never had the chance. Or just to travel and get your mind of things, and again grab a few friends and invite them, I'm sure they will want to go with you if they're not busy.

3) Do some useful work
Your probably thinking, I came here to read this list of things to do at Halloween if I don't like it not boring things to do! Yes OK you made your point but you would be surprised by doing some work that has to be done be it, school work, college work, work work, house work. I always thought by doing the work as early as possible makes my mind clear to do things I want to do after and if your completely dieing with boredom then undergoing some work will be pretty useful. You got to do it sometime, eh?

4) Make your house scary 
This is a naughty one. Making your whole property creepy and scary. Yes a lot of people  cover there house with Halloween junk but I'm talking about actually making your house scary for instance setting a loud scream activator every time someone rings your doorbell, or answering the door with a cloak and a hidden face, jumping out of a bush for every kid that goes Trick R Treating. Use your imagination this holiday in making your house the scariest on the street. That will get people talking. You might think this is mean but you have an excuse, it is Halloween.

5) Watch a Scary Movie

In the spirit of Halloween why don't you watch a scary acclaimed movie or a movie that you believe is scary, completely by yourself in the dark, curtains closed and surround sound. Even if you don't like scary movies then watch them because you need to feel a thrill. If your that kind of person however that never gets scared from movies then why not watch a comedy? Ohm.Yes. This is another awesome way to invite some friends as well and watch the scary movie together to see you jumps first. Maybe scare your friends when they arrive.

What did you do this halloween?

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