Thursday, 20 December 2012

End Of The World 2012 Blog Post!

So it's 19:58 on 20/12/2012 right now and I just wanted to make this post to just send out a message to anyone reading this. If you are reading this then , leave a comment or send a message and say which time zone and country your living in. If its 21st of December or later now then the world has not ended and there is hope! (not like I believe the world is going to end) 

But if it does! (99.99% unlikely) this post would have been solely created as last post to say
Thank You!
For all the support and followings that I receive from all of you guys.

Since we are sort of celebrating the fact that the world is not going to end before it has ended even though it could end which it won't.

For the occasion, Comment:

"I'm Alive!" 

If everything around you is being destroyed then you should consider to tweet me as I wouldn't be using a computer when the whole world is getting teared apart but I will most likely use my mobile :)


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