Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 5 Most Followed Celebrities On Twitter 2012!

Twitter is definitely one of the most popular social networking sites out there and is one of my favorites. It's very user friendly with great results and interactivity with other people. It hardly ever has any technical errors on the site and of course is unique. Only on the internet it would make sense to follow someone. My Twitter.

It's not just us (normal citizens) that enjoy and use twitter. Celebrities love it too! It's a great a place to immediately communicate with fans or admirers! Let's look at the top 5 list of the most followed celebrities on twitter. It wasn't until I found out celebrities twitter followers stats that I realised how many celebrities actually have twitter accounts!

Top 5 List As Of The Date Of This Published Post!

Lady Gaga Twitter (@ladygaga)


136,946 following

2,489 tweets

Yes, Lada Gaga is has the most followed account on twitter. The crazy dressed pop star that shares her art and inspirations through her talent in singing and songwriting. Are you a monster?
Justin Bieber Twitter (@justinbieber)
122,383 following
19,930 tweets
Bieber scores second place. A young pop star that was discovered on Youtube and loves his fans. Check out my post on Top 5 Most Popular Youtube Channels 2012! People are catching the bieber fever.
Katy Perry Twitter (@katyperry)


117 following

4,470 tweets

A talented american female pop star that inspires people who listen to her music to achieve their full potential. She is quite known for her cheeky fashion statement in her life and in her catchy songs.

Rihanna Twitter (@rihanna)
889 following
7,103 tweets
The stunning pop singer rihanna from barbados
Rihanna turned to singing as a release from her troubles at home. She produces songs that fans believe have meaning and purpose.

Barack Obama Twitter (@BarackObama)


669,514 following

8,112 tweets

The president of the United States Of America. The first male African American  president. He graduated from Columbia University and received his law degree from Harvard Law School.

So there you go! It seems that the pop stars are killing it on twitter and have the most followers, present Obama comes at number five. We got to love Obama for being able to create a twitter account and communicate with fellow citizens out there. 
The most twitter followers list will most likely quite quickly change because all the people mentioned in this list get over 10,000 daily followers, so anything can happen. But that was the list. What do you think?

Have any of you ever received a tweet from any famous celebrities?

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