Monday, 12 November 2012

Internet Addicts, Addiction To The Internet And Treatment!

If you are reading this then you are obviously on the internet. But the question really you have to ask yourself, are you addicted to the internet? Do you find yourself using up quite a lot of hours surfing the web, I know I do. But did you know there's actually an Internet Addictive Disorder, yes I'm not making this up. The problem here is that I'm writing this blog on the internet about internet addiction, how ironic.

Excessive Pornographic Use
Excessive Gambling
Social Networking

These are all symptoms of the addiction apparently, more like the best things about the internet! But anyway let's get serious. Have others around you randomly said to you in some form or another that you are always on the internet? And you just ignore it and think of it as a inappropriate comment. Well it might be time to do something. Although our world in this day and age is packed with technology that never stops expanding there is always a limit of how much you should take granted of it. Too much of anything is always bad.

Things To Do If Your Addicted To The Internet!

  1. An important one is to take breaks of 10-15min every 1-2 hours of being on the internet. This will carm your brain and eyes.
  2. Drink water or get a snack to eat and just relax for a short period of time.
  3. If your addiction is stopping you from doing other important work then definitely  do the important stuff first.
  4. Ask a good friend or family member to call you or text you to remind of things you need to do that day to distract you from the internet.
  5. Set an alarm during a time of day in which you allow yourself to go on the internet.
  6. Use social networking only in the morning and at night.
  7. Never spend more than you earn in real life in online gambling and stop playing when you win that day. Gambling is the most money made franchise around the world, you got to control your mind and know when to stop. I shouldn't really be telling you how to stop. If that makes sense. 'The mind is in control of the body'
  8. Take up a sport or a hobby that takes place outside your home. It will refresh your body and you will learn new things and have fun.
  9. Turn the internet off when you attempt to do work or something else that's vital as it will easily distract you, we all know.
  10. Go on a holiday for once and don't use the internet during the holiday, not once! You will be surprised by how its not needed and how fast the time went by.
  11. If the list above doesn't seem to work and you are still heavily addicted to the internet, then I suggest talking to someone such as a psychiatrist or a therapist. NOT a family member as they will not understand and would just think your lazy.
  12. LAST THING! The Internet is always going to be there. You think your missing out on something? your most likely not missing out on something thats going to change how you live your life everyday. No need to constantly refresh your page to see new statues and videos, they will not go anywhere unless someone deletes them.
Share this blog post to a friend that you think is addicted to the internet to make them stop!

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