Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What Do Kids Want For Christmas?

Christmas is pretty much here, I mean for me personally this year went so fast that I don't even feel in a Christmasy mood. It might be just the fact that we are all aging and Christmas just seems to lose its excitement each year. 

Nothing will ever be the same since when we were little and always peaked outside the window to see if its snowing or always woke up our parents the earliest possible time just because we were to excited to sleep and couldn't wait until Christmas morning.
 We all know that parents usually find this time of the year the most stressful. Always searching around stores 24/7 trying to find the perfect present for their children. As our society and technology develops, the question what we should ask ourselves is 'Have children's tastes changed and are they too young for certain products?' 'What do they actually want for Christmas'
If you are a parent and actually told your child that Santa Claus doesn't exist then you have the advantage of just asking them what they want for Christmas. But the whole point of this post is for parents or relatives to fully understand what children want for Christmas.

Things To Think About:

  1. Has the kid shown interest in something recently or for a while, has he/she said out loud that he/she wants something specifically or something he/she wishes to have. 
  2. Ask someone that knows the kid well if you are not a parent, maybe that person might know what they would like for Christmas. 
  3. Look at the child's interests and what they admire and then search online gifts relating to that interest. 
  4. Avoid too many gifts that you know they don't really want but you believe they need such as, a new jumper,socks or a school bag. I remember when I was a kid and I saw these sort of presents on Christmas day, it really made sort of think that I might not have good presents this year.  
  5. It's not all the time you have to purchase a present that you think they might like. Sometimes it's amazing to, in a way, gamble. For instance, purchase a present that you yourself think is amazing and then give them that, because when you think a present is good and suitable then there is a high chance that the kid will too and maybe end up finding a new interest. I will tell you an example, when I was twelve years old my mum got me a guitar. I was surprised and I thought 'This isn't my present right?' the reason I thought this way is because I wasn't even into music or played the guitar but the point is, is that my mum thought it would be a great present and she thought I would get into a new interest and maybe learn how to play the guitar, she was right.  
  6. If you struggle to think of a present to get for your child in mind, then I would suggest looking at what other kids would like that are similar age because usually kids, actually not just kids a lot of people love to own something that is popular so that they can relate with others about it. But I would say this should be a last resort. As everyone is different, personally even me now I still don't like to be part of the crowd.
I can understand the position of trying to get the right gift but in the end you really would know that child relatively well and you shouldn't be reading an article of what to get that child for Christmas. Wow that sounded mean. 

For those that can't decide, here are popular kids toys out there today!


Bop It! XT  
The flicking, twisting, reaction-testing game fun for everyone challenging, quite interactive, with the voice saying different things each time you fail. It makes you want to beat the last score in spite of yourself. Good for increasing concentration and honing reflexes and hand-eye co-ordination.This toy is really popular with boys as they love to test their reaction times the most, but great for anyone to enjoy. 
I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 8.9/10. Simple idea that tests your reflexes and fun for everyone!  

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The Amazing Spider-Man Motorized Web-Shooting Figure  
This 13-inch-tall figure features two motorised string web shooters, so you can create awesome web-blasting action, just like The Amazing Spider-Man. Blast webs with the push of a button and hear cool web-slinging sounds that activate with every blast. What boy doesn't like superheroes? I wish this level of complexity of toys was around when I was young. 
I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 7/10. Awesome action figure with web and hanging abilities for kids to adapt its position around the house, but needs 4 AAA batteries for the Spidey sounds.   

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John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker 
Melt, mould and wrap 4 different lolly shapes with this clever work station. This lolipop maker gives you the ability to write a message on your lollipop. Young girls are always crazy about creating something they love, now they have an amazing chance. This product is like a mini lollipop factory all in a box. You got the molded chocolate, animal shapes and wrapping shiny bags. A young girl can impress her family and friends. I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 8/10. Impressive present for the girl to share when made, but it would ussually be a few day thing and then there will be no items left to make the lollipops.  

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Mystyle Shrink Craft Jewellery 
Make beautiful jewellery from simple shrink plastic with myStyle Shrink Craft Jewellery. It seems customization is a popular thing when it comes to young girls. This lets girls create their own jewellery with the items provided and even wear them and give them to friends to wear, maybe even sell them who knows?? I would have to give this a Christmas kids present rating of 7.3/10. Hours of fun creating and styling girls own jewellery, seems worth it

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Are You Guys Feeling The Christmas Mood This Year?

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