Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Gadgets You Can't Live Without!

MP3 Player - The MP3 player, a complex device that does a simply thing play mp3 songs. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it Lord Sugar or Dragons Den that assumed that the idea of listening to your favorite music on the go was a complete idiotic idea that would not work. Well that took a wrong turn didn't it? 
I bet those words are words of regret now. Listening to your favorite songs were ever you are is always useful in terms of being in a moment were you just want to hear a song that you love. It seems whoever travels alone anywhere they always have headphones in their ears, listening to music. No one can't live without music. So no one can't live without an MP3 player.

DVD Player - A gadget that gives you the ability to play any DVD and watch it through somewhere. This gadget is still a popular thing and I still see plenty of homes with DVD players, but the owners always don't seem to use them. Maybe because people watch everything they need on the internet. 
The internet has all the movies you could ever dream of and PC's and Laptops all have DVD playback capabilities. I'm scared that the DVD player itself might begin to die away because so much gadgets out there now can play DVDs. But is still exists and is still in our homes, so we can't live without it. We just need it there... hopefully not for bragging purposes.

Games Consoles - Ahh...Game consoles. Generation after Generation there has always been some sort of game console. Have you noticed how much game consoles changed in a short period of time? It shocks me with surprise how fast technology and human understanding is developing. 
The gaming industry is in the top 5 most money-made franchises simply because everyone loves a challenge in a virtual world and competition between friends. I don't think games are going anywhere, I mean it's in human nature to be competitive and to try to be the best (Alpha) maybe that is why we can't live without game consoles.

TV - TelALIEVISION. See what I did there. Where to begin. Society loves to constantly throw in our faces that a TV is a must have in every house and you can't possibly live without one. I don't know about you but I don't actually watch a lot of Television. One thing because I rather write on here and build a community of opinion. Second thing is because all I see on Television 24/7 is long breaks with advertisements. 
What is the exact point in watching a movie on TV when you can watch it somewhere like on a tablet,computer,laptop,smartphone without any long adverts. Comment below about your situation. Don't get me wrong I fully understand the TV and it's full purpose and amazement but I don't want to go toilet when the TV says so. If you know what I mean. Everywhere I go there will always be a television in a household, most commonly even more then one TV. Seriously the bathroom?

Laptop/PC - If we are ignoring the digital divide, a laptop or a PC is our 'most hours spent using tool' (Yes I know a Mac is as well very funny Mr.Technical) The reason why we can't live without this is because we are all constantly interested in hearing and learning new information about anything and these gadgets have internet(greatest creation of all time) and is packed with countless data and detail for us to never stop being an absorbing sponge. 

It is in fact true that you will learn more information on Google in 15minutes then a month in high school, this is a scientific fact. I'm not joking. Everything you could possibly want in your fingertips. The internet I wouldn't classify as an gadget but lets just say Laptops/PCs/Macs and other gadgets wouldn't be where they are today and popular if it wasn't for the internet. So then why should we live without them.

Smartphone - This gadget is actually quite a new born one if you think about it. Because remember those old big Nokia mobile phones that never broke and had nearly endless battery well they were not smartphones they were just phones. The word smart comes in when a mobile phone offers more then just the basic ability of a mobile phone, often with PC like capabilities. 
OK wait a second, I know it seems I am ranting on this post but I don't think the smartphones are actually smart. They use more battery power , they would lag randomly or freeze from time to time. I own a smartphone and I'm sure you may too, but most people forget the main purpose of a phone is to send and receive messages/calls. No wonder I see a lot of people wondering around with a old version of phones, maybe they understand all of this. It is extremely likely that Smartphones and Mobile phones are not going anywhere. Give me a call later.

Is there a gadget that you can't live without that isn't on this list?!

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