You are probably new, well let me tell you what I love to do. I believe that my blog is going to sustain readers and fellow bloggers to exchange information and opinions about the Entertainment part of the World. A place in which they can gather for their own personal preference. You can't go wrong with Entertainment, everyone loves it. What I present in this blog is mostly entertainment posts,product reviews and some general advice for you all, here and there. I regularly ask for your opinion and what you believe.
Dom Michelin, Creator of DailyViewBlogs.

Before I created this blog I realised that when it comes to someone wanting to find out something specific about a specified entertainment topic, it can be quite difficult. I want people to think whenever they want to read about a friendly entertainment post with the ability to share their opinion, they would visit DailyViewBlogs.

DailyViewBlogs started out in early 2012 and in that moment in time is expanding for the users out there. Each day new users arrive to DailyViewBlogs to share their opinion and be informed about Entertainment. M
y posts are written about what interests me and hopefully you, but I am welcome to write about your interests on Entertainment, just contact me. I am the main person behind all of the posts.

"It seemed I always had an interest in entertainment, it's like all of the most interesting topics and excitements around the world gathered in one topic. I always love to hugely share my opinion with others and most of what I discuss with others is entertainment topics, you could say I get bored quite easily and this may be true. I was always surprised how others always agreed to what I had to say and how most of my friends and family always came up to me for advice and to tell them my opinion. So I decided that in my free time I will create an entertainment blog that will inform entertainment and will ask others what they think, maybe even grow a community that would be very powerful and amazing. A place where people help each other and become informed. 

To build a community of Entertainment Browsers! (My Dream)

It's a really tough world out there and sometimes life can really hit you hard, many people just want to read a friendly opinion." - Dominic

The majority of the content I post here here will be on the entertainment sector but there will be posts were I give personal advice about things that need to be said and written about. I will constantly create surveys and questionnaires to ask for your view.

If you are unsure about what kinds of posts I do here then what are you waiting for, go take a look and give me your view. I hope you enjoy your visit with me and I welcome and admire feedback as well as compliments, just kidding.

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Michealle67 said...

What an awesome blog creation!, you got my like! :)

Dom Michelin said...

Thanks so much! :)

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